Puck Bowling Machines & ION,MERIT Touch Screens
          General Check Ups To whole Service & repair 
             At your Home arcade or Business location  
     Specializing in a variety of machines from the 1960's                                         70's 80's 90's 2K's 2010's
       Have your machine serviced for upcoming parties and                                                 gatherings.

​         In House complete circuit Board electronic repair.
               Playfield band replacement & light bulbs.
                  Stuck/broken flippers/replacement. 
                       37 years service experience. 
                      Machine consultation Specialist.
                   Playfield band replacement service.
                       Replacement Key and Locks.
    Precision mechanical parts Replacement & Calibration 
          Breakdown Test and wrap machines for the movers.
                 Beercade periodic Maintenance & Service
             Haul away junk broken machines for Recycle.
    To arrange a Service Technician for a morning or evening                                              Appointment:
                    630-205-8592 or Text: 779-279-1195
            Let us know the make/model with machine problem.

What we do:
• Fix your commercial Machine in your home, business or at our service       shop
• Give you a repair timeline – and stick to it
• Give you an estimate before we begin work
• Fix it right the first time                                                   C2019-2020 LPW

Pinball  REPAIR  PINBALL REPAIR  In Home Service & Repair Today.         AMERICAS ARCADE SERVICE. Lennys Pinball World 630-205-8592
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