Arcade Maintenance

Trouble shooting - If your displays are not working correctly, you may want to move your displays around to help determine if you have a bad display or a bad master driver for the displays. If one display not working correctly, it could be the display itself. If you're missing a few of the same digits on the 2nd and 4th player, the master driver is faulty. This may be the same issue for digits segment on displays 1 and 3 as well. Those are just a couple of problems that could come up, but our technicians are trained for all types of repairs.

Services Offered

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Electronic Servcice Diagnostic (Fee will roll into service if selected)
Preventive Board Maintenance
Electric Mechanical Tune Up
Solid State Tune Up
Rubber Band Kits Installed
Replace All Bulbs
Flipper Service
Replace Balls
Coin Door Plastics
Playfield Bumper Rebuilds
Lock Kit and Drill Outs
Power Cord Replacement
Shooter Replacement
Leg Replacement
Machine Leveling

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